Committee Reports

Finance Committee Report – Karen Gershman

At its February Board meeting the LAE Board formalized the establishment of a Finance Committee with a charter that calls for the committee to oversee all issues related to the budgeting, finance and accounting functions of LAE. The current committee members are Gene Shepherd, Board Member, Paula Rizzo, Treasurer, Karen Gershman, Assistant Treasurer and Ralph Marinaccio, LAE Member.  This year the Committee performed the following:

  • Reviewed and analyzed the proposed 2019/2020 budget to assure fiscal responsibility for all members while meeting the needs of the association;

  • Recommended to board the re-institution of the $10 discount for timely paying of fees;

  • Prioritized efforts for collections of prior unpaid debts by regular written communications to members, securing liens on properties and initiating small claims court hearings.  These efforts have resulted in $34,000 in prior year collections. The Committee recommends the funds be added to our reserve funds for future capital improvements;

  • Enhanced internal control structure and documentation requirements for all financial matters

The Committee plans to meet regularly throughout the year as oversight of the current budget spending and to gather information on future potential capital expenditure requests so that by the annual meeting a formal, thoughtful long-term plan can be presented.


Marina Report – Ron Carroll

  • All 36 dock spaces have been renewed by last year’s members

  • There are currently 17 people on the waiting list

  • The waiting list is available on the LAE web site

  • The annual marina cleanup took place on 6/8

    • 23 people participated

    • The trail to the lighthouse was cleared and all bushes trimmed

  • A notice was posted at the marina, beach house bulletin board, and web site stating no canoes, kayaks, or paddle boats are to be stored on the ground

  • The lighthouse is scheduled to be refurbished this year

  • A flagpole will be installed at the entrance to the lighthouse trail


Beach House Report – Jim MacDougall

This past year we have made many upgrades to the beach house, here are just a few; New toilet paper dispensers, New water heater, New well tank, Upgraded the exterior lighting to energy efficient LED fixtures, Installed a security camera system and we are in the middle of making structural repairs to the walls and sills of the building.

Plans for this coming year are: Interior lighting upgrades in retrofitting the existing fixtures with LED lighting, install new paper towel dispensers, replacing the windows and doors, and install siding on the building.

We will also begin investigating the feasibility of a bathroom replacement/renovation.

Beach Area Report – Dave Dickman

We had another extensive laboring clean-up day this spring.  Many thanks to all the volunteers that helped make our beach area so beautiful. It’s never looked so great. This past year new swim area markers were installed to improve the safety for our members.  The picnic tables were replaced and new park benches, flowers and umbrellas were purchased.  New volleyball posts were installed to help better support the net and the court will be edged to better define the playing area.  The swim raft was repaired and installed by Phil Mills in the very cold water.

Please refrain from putting the picnic tables on the beach sand and having dogs in the beach area.  If you see goose poop on the beach, please use the shovel near the safety float to remove it from the sand.

Surveillance cameras were installed at the beach house to help monitor theft and vandalism throughout the beach area. Thank you Steve Lowe for leading this effort. 


A certified environmental laboratory tested water samples collected in mid-June from the Lake Ashuelot Estates beach swimming area to ensure that Ashuelot Pond is safe for our members. Measured levels of E. Coli. were less than 1.0 MPN/100ml at the north end and 2.0 MPN/100ml at the south end of the swimming area. The NH DES states that no sample should exceed 88 MPN/100ml. Swimming at the LAE boat launch is prohibited, but for reference, E. Coli. at the launch measured at 3.1 MPN/100ml. LAE will repeat testing throughout the summer. Enjoy the lake!

The certified environmental laboratory also tested samples for Total Phosphorus. Although T. Phos. did not exceed 0.01 mg/L (well within normal variation and acceptable limits) at any of the three depths tested, levels are expected to rise throughout the summer. Please continue to limit the use of fertilizers containing Phosphorus, especially if your property borders the lake or river. Elevated T. Phos. may lead to increases in aquatic plants, toxic algal blooms and is a significant factor transforming ponds into swamps. 

Front Entrance Report – Dave Dickman

Many thanks to those that improved the front entrance.  A new sign structure was built and installed to allow for meeting and event notices.  Thank you to Denise Robert and her volunteers.  The area was trimmed, cleaned and new plants and flowers were planted for the season.  A team of volunteers are working on a new sign since the existing sign is unrepairable. 


Activities Report – Melissa Morin

Our new Kick off to Summer BBQ in 2018, was the highest attended activity of the year!!  The BBQ is on the schedule again this year as well as adding another new activity, Christmas in July!!  We’re very excited for another great year of participation from everyone in the community!  Please check the website if you’re unsure of the dates!  If you’re interested in helping out, or any kids that need community service hours, please contact Melissa Morin or Denise Robert.


Election Committee Report – Lucy Green

For the 2018 elections, a total of 98 Directors’ ballots were cast and 71 Officers’ ballots were cast. Preparing for and working these elections takes a lot of assistance from many of our members, from arriving an hour prior to check-in to first log the mail-in proxy envelopes, to staying more than an hour after meeting adjournment to validate and count all the ballots. Those working last year’s election were: Directors’ Ballot Table - Peggy Carney, Roberta Hamblett, Bobbie Hayes, Priscilla Iosch, David Catanzano and myself, with Denise Robert, keeper of the Designated Voter forms; Officers’ Ballot Table - Christie Alleano and Ann Wingren; Initial Check-in table - Joanne Lowe, Carol Snow and AnnMarie DeMerchant. Sincere appreciation goes to each of these members for their time and effort. Lucy Green (Chair), Joanne Lowe, Ann Wingren


Lake Ashuelot Estates Memorial Scholarship Committee – Lucy Green

This year, we had two applicants for the Lake Ashuelot Estates Memorial Scholarship. The Committee has awarded our scholarship to a student who will be attending the University of New England this fall to study Dental Hygiene. Thank you to Gordon Kay for presenting the award at the Hillsboro-Deering Awards Night.  Lucy Green (Chair), John Balliro, Heidi Joslyn


Basketball & Tennis Court Report – Gene Shepherd

At the time of this report Tom Burt has informed me that the drainage for the Tennis court will be complete by the end of June. 

We had John from Bel Cadre fence come and look at the fence for the Basketball and Tennis Courts. He said the fence for the tennis court was in good working condition with the exception of one post broken (from what appeared to be an accident with a vehicle) and a few leaning  posts. He doesn’t do small repairs like this but we feel we can handle this in house. He gave us a quote of nearly $20,000.00 each for new fencing at the Tennis and Basketball courts. Both the Tennis and Basketball committee and the Finance committee feel this is an unnecessary expense at this time.

I have one quote for the next phase of the Tennis court which is to replace the posts and anchor that have heaved out of the ground. We expect this expense to be around $12,000.00 dollars. I expect another quote soon. We also bought two portable pickle ball nets and will have two pickle ball courts painted on the tennis court which will be included in the repairs.

We applied Advantage crack repair to the cracks on the Basketball court and are monitoring the patches. We expect we may have to touch up some of the work. We are coming up with a plan for the backboard at the Basketball court which is in disrepair.


*Please reference the President’s Letter in the Annual Meeting Packet for the Road & Equipment Report and Security Report.

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