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Another fiscal year here at LAE is drawing to a close and with it the end of my three years as President.  This is the maximum any president can serve at any one time.  I have enjoyed operating as your president, trying to answer people’s questions and concerns in a timely manner as they arise.

Many things have been accomplished this past year, the most important of which is the upgrade and repair of our rolling stock which is used to maintain our roads. The grader went out in the fall to the dealer to have many items repaired that had not been operating properly for many years.  The large snow plow/sander truck underwent a similar overhaul at the dealers.  After it returned our maintenance contractor built a new set of grates for the top of the sander to keep rocks out.  This was accomplished for around $1200.  A new set of grates from the dealer were over $3500 and would still have to be installed. Our contractor also made significant repairs to the plow and sander on the small truck.  We did not have any time this winter when we could not get out and plow and sand because of equipment malfunctions. 

When we selected out new roads contractor this past year we reviewed his qualifications in regard to equipment operation, mechanical skills including welding, and his ability to spend the time necessary to perform the maintenance tasks required.   We selected Mike Carter who many of you may know from work he has done around LAE for private individuals.  We received many kudos for the work he has done from the members, especially during snow and ice conditions.  Because of the work he has done this past year, the Board has decided that we should enter into a three year contract with the same individual.  This will give better continuity from year to year, and incentivize the contract to keep the equipment well maintained as he knows he will be there the next year again. 

We went considerably over budget in road sand because of the harsh winter.  This was the situation with many towns around as well according to our town road agent.  As a result we are only able to purchase about 30 loads of crushed gravel to rebuild the roads.  They have been wearing away for years because insufficient gravel has been put down annually.   Adequate gravel cover is necessary to allow us to properly grade and for surface runoff.  Our roads really need about 80 loads of crushed gravel each year to get them back into condition. However, this would mean increasing the budget even more.  The budget committee has allowed for 40 loads this coming year which we hope to put down in the fall.

Many of our culverts are between 40 and 50 years old.  We replaced several this year and have several more that we are waiting for the next fiscal year to replace. We have begun digging out the ends of culverts under driveways which have been blocked, forcing the roadside drainage to run out into the road and cause erosion.  This practice, along with the correct application of Liquid Calcium Chloride at recommended rates to stabilize the road surface, has greatly reduced the roadside erosion. In fact, we have not had a major road washout in the past three years.  This used to be a regular occurrence and was noted in the road contractor’s contract regarding the reduction of road gravel in case there was a major washout.

The Board of Directors has been working harmoniously with the officers in enabling us to provide the best services for our members.  In addition, our six man Road Committee has met several times as a group to go over the equipment, discuss future needs and to make suggestions on what and where things need to be done.  Although it is difficult for all six members to get together on a regular basis, we try to have one meeting a month whenever possible at the garage usually with the maintenance contractor.    

The drainage around the tennis court was halted in the fall because of heavy rains.  This spring we have again experienced heavier than usual amounts of rain.  We hope to be able to start this week on the remainder of the drainage and have it completed before the end of June. Now that the drainage will be completed, we are budgeting for funds to make repairs to the court.

This past weekend we had our annual marina clean-up.  At least four large trailer loads of brush and weeds were taken to the dump.  Thank you to all who participated and brought their equipment down to help out. There is a chain across the boat ramp.  Please put the chain back and lock it after you launch or remove your boat.  If you see the chain down, please replace and lock it.  There is also a chain across an opening in the center of the marina parking lot leading out to the peninsula.  That chain is for ambulance access to the area where a helicopter might have to land.  Please do not park in front of this chain. 

Clean up at the beach was accomplished several weeks ago with similar results.  Again thanks to all who helped out.  There is a similar chain at the beach parking lot.  In the past, there was a wooden hinged that opened for access to the beach for work details or emergency vehicles.  This was damaged by vandals this spring. Fortunately, there was an alert member nearby who saw the incident and got the license number.  We also had just installed security cameras around the outside of the beach house and on the maintenance garage.    These caught the entire incident on a thumb drive, which was turned over to the town police who located the individuals responsible and is in the process of prosecuting them.  This is a good example of the usefulness of the Neighborhood Watch program. 

Please remember that ATV’s, UTV’s, golf carts, motor bikes, scooters, cars or trucks are never allowed on the beach or beyond the fence except for official work details. 

Please do not put the picnic tables on the beach as there are many people using that area.  The tables should remain near where they were placed.

Because of rot around the base of the walls of the beach house, the Board is having the bottom two feet of the T-1-11 removed, any rotted sills replaced and a 2 foot strip of pressure treated plywood installed.  There will be a motion at the Annual Meeting to install vinyl siding on the building.  This building was built 49 or 50 years ago.  I think it has held up well with the minimum maintenance it has gotten over the years. 

Please visit our website, there is a lot of really good information there.

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, (603) 495-3555, cell (603) 520-5539 or my e-mail    

 Robert J. Wright

July 2019

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