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Marina Reminder: Please lock our boat ramp!

June 2021 

Please lock our boat ramp after use! 


The convenience of our boat ramp is appealing to individuals who are not LAE members. Please do your part in protecting our lake and association by locking our boat ramp after use. Keeping our boat ramp locked can help deter non-member use, protect our lake from excess boaters, reduce the transmission of invasive species and harmful bacteria, as well as possibly reduce theft at our marina. Thank you! 

COVID-19 Update

May 28, 2021 

All LAE amenities are open for use at your own risk. LAE will remain consistent with the COVID-19 guidelines set by the Town of Washington. 

Dam Meeting Date Moved

April 2021 

The Ashuelot Pond Dam Village District Annual Meeting is now June 25, at 7 pm, at Camp Morgan. The Town is not allowing us to have the meeting, on the Friday before the LAE Meeting. They are requiring two weeks between any meeting at the Lodge. 

Beach House Roof Completed

March 2021 

Thank you to Tom Burt, Bruce Brereton and Gary Mahaffy for coordinating the emergency effort to replace our beach house roof with a new metal roof. This could not have been done without the overwhelming support from our members. 

Dock Renewals

February 2021 

If you occupied a dock space in 2020, please contact Jim MacDougall at 4jmacs@comcast.net by April 15th to renew your spot for Summer 2021. Thanks!

Update: Beach House Roof Replacement

December 2020 

The Beach House Roof Replacement has passed

Click here for detailed results from the BOD. 

Continue to check the website for construction updates. 

Thank you to our volunteers! 

September 2020 

A message from Tom Burt, LAE President: 

I would like to get a big thank you out to the volunteers for liming this year. The volunteers this year were Ralph Marinaccio, Normand Robert, Jack Rankin, Gary Mahaffy, and myself. It is a real good feeling to ask for volunteers and have them turn out to be such good workers. We rented the chipper for the week (Mon-Fri) anticipating that is how long we would need it. It was returned Wed. These guys got every road in here done. We saved the expense of a contractor coming in here at a price between $5000-$6000 for three roads. It is great when a community comes together. Good bunch of guys. Under the very good guide of Mike Carter our road contractor.

September Notices

September 2020 

LAE President Tom Burt:

"There are to be no fires on LAE beach. All fires in Washington are by permit and we do not have a standing permit so no fires without one."

"Stowell will be closed from Jefferson to Grant today(9/1/2020) and until the completion of the 18" culver replacement. Use Jefferson and Grant to detour this area."

Reminder Regarding Dogs 

September 2019 



We are receiving numerous complaints regarding dogs running loose, dog poop in the road, and dogs running in the beach area.


LAE Rules and Regulations clearly state that No pets are allowed in the Beach area (from the roadside to the water), and that they must be under control at all times.  New Hampshire also has a leash law. The practice of walking a dog without being on a leash can become a dangerous issue when the dogs become aggressive while encountering another dog or people.


We are simply asking that all Members be responsible pet owners and abide by the LAE Rules and Regulations, pick up after your pets and help us keep our community safe and clean for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for your cooperation.

Special Meeting Update 

August 2019 

After final legal review of our bylaws 3.4 "quorum", including the amendment from 2014, and section 3.6 "voting", our attorney's response stated a 75% vote is required to pass the motion. The vote failed and did not pass therefore the truck will not be purchased.  

Notice from Marina Committee

June 2019 

All boats (canoes, kayaks, paddle boats) are to be stored on the racks, and not on the ground.

Rack space is available on a first come, first served basis.

If there is no rack space available please take your boat home with you when you are finished boating.

The reason for this is it is extremely difficult for the lawn maintenance contractor to mow the grass when boats are on the ground. The boats on the ground block access for emergency vehicles to get to the helicopter landing area at the end of the peninsula. On June 4th, there were 17 boats on the ground or squeezed in between the racks.

Boats that are left on the ground are subject to being moved to another location.

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