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Confirmed case of COVID-19 in Washington 

Please continue safe practices. Wishing good health for all LAE families

Our major concern for the past month is the outbreak of the COVID -19 virus, and the potential for it spreading throughout our community.  Thus far we have had one case and that person eventually died. It was not someone from LAE, and she had underlying health issues, according to the TV reports.   Two weeks ago the selectmen closed all town buildings. The schools were also closed. They issued a request to shelter in place.  This has now become an order from the Selectmen and the Governor of NH. The Selectmen have also stated that if anyone comes to their vacation home, to wait out the pandemic, they should isolate themselves in their homes for the first 14 days after arriving.  For the rest of us, walking is OK, as long as we maintain social distancing. It is still a good idea to wear some kind of mask even if a homemade one.  Wash your hands with plenty of soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizers.  Think of this especially when handling your mail or any packages you have had delivered.   If you do go out for emergency items such as groceries, get items that are packaged, wear a mask (you can reuse your masks, nurses in the hospitals have been reusing theirs for up to a week in many areas. After using, spray with Lysol and place in a paper bag for several days before using it again). If possible stack your cans and boxed goods in an area away from people for three days before putting on the shelves or opening them. This may help to kill any virus on the container. You could wipe them down with Lysol or Clorox wipes. You can wash hard skinned produce with soap and water to help remove any virus.  Again wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.  Be especially careful and don’t get hurt.  You do not want to be transported to a hospital right now. The shelter in place order is in effect until May 4th.  You can get additional information on the town’s website.

Look to the future, we should be prepared for this to go on into June or beyond especially if people do not take the shelter in place order seriously. 

3/29/2020 DAM UPDATE: Dam reconstruction is complete!

Lake Ashuelot Estates is a recreational and residential development on the shores of Ashuelot Pond in Washington, NH.  Members have access to the 440 acre lake, beach house, clubhouse, tennis court, and boat launch area.