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Wi-Fi has been added to the beach house. See the Member Info section for the password.

October 4, 2022 - Update on the septic

Tanks were pumps last Thursday. Henniker Septic notified me that there is a leak at one of the seals. I was told the tanks need to refill before they can assess the extent of the leak, as the level is now below the problem leak. I have asked them to give me a “worse case scenario” estimated cost. The plan is to have them return in late June and dig up the area, where the problem is. I will keep you updated, when I get the estimate.

On October 4, 2022 a new donated, stove installed in the Beach House. Thank you to the Worshams for donating the stove. Thank you to Gene Shepherd and Gary Carney, for the installation. This stove was several inches wider and deeper that the old drop-in one. Cabinets, counter top and surrounding wood needed to be cut to fit the new stove. Hole in the wall was where the controls for the old stove were located. Looking for something to cover it. Had to move the freezer. It fits well, next to the window. Now a 26” wide space next to the frig. Gary Carney has offered to build a small storage closet in the space. Probably will be a good space for brooms, paper towels, etc.

New Beachhouse Stove.jpg
Photo of freezer next to window.jpg
Photo of space next to refrigerator.jpg

On August 22, 2022 a new fan and faucet were installed in the beach house. The exterior also received a power wash.

Ceiling fan in the beach house.jpg
Beach House Side 1.jpg
Beach house side 3.jpg
Beach house side 2.jpg

On July 18, 2022 a new goose poop bucket and scoop were purchased. Please use for goose poop only.

Goose Poop Scoop_edited.jpg
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